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Blogs. They're addictive and can be time-consuming, but here I am after a 6-month blogging hiatus to do it all over again with a new blog.

For those of you just finding me for the first time, I was a regular blogger for two years. Almost daily, I would tap out my humorous thoughts (at least humorous to me) on subjects as varied as my kids to politics. The whole presidential election gave me blog fodder for months!

However, I soon found that some days I would blog, but wouldn't do any other writing. That and I had taken on new job responsibilities. There's a double-edged sword to being good at what you do 9-5. I let the blog go to concentrate on my actual writing.

And yet here I am again! As content for my first honest-to-goodness author site (Yay! I own my own domain name!) I wanted to ressurect my blogabilities. No, that's not really a word.

For those of you who don't know me, I know there is an About Me page on the website, but I thought I would provide a breif introduciton here. First and foremost, I am a mother of three beautiful boys, ages 9, 7 and 5. They drive me nuts most days, but they are my lifeblood. I'm also married to a mostly-wonderful guy, although–well, he is a guy. Clueless. But I love him, anyway.

When I'm not dealing with my four children–ah, family–I write. I'm pre-published at the moment. Note the pre-published as opposed to unpublished. This assumes a level of optimism that can wax and wain, but as I am on the cusp of completing my fourth novel, I am again in the midst of an optimism surge. An upswing, if you will.

Now what will you find on my blog? Oh, I figure a little of this and a little bit of that. I tend to have a short attention span and can only "talk shop" so long, so I will probably include a lot of personal glimpses here and there.

Feel free to hang out and check out the site. Also, comment freely. I don't mind honest criticism (and earn it often–I tend to put my foot in my mouth a lot and my spelling–well, you'll see about my spelling if you hang out here long enough). However, I do mind spam. Please keep useless garbage to yourself, thankyouverymuch. Otherwise, welcome and have fun!

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