Number 4 Done!

This is how out of the blog habit I am. It is taking me over a week to get to posting this:

I've finished writing my fourth complete novel.

Now that seems really anti-climactic for me. Yeah, so I've written four and am still not published. However, I also look at this as I am still at it. That, and I do have requests from agents and editors from my last round of submissions, wanting to see more of my work. You just know they are the first ones I'm hitting up with this book.

Keep an eye on the site, as this weekend I want to be posting an excerpt from said latest book. I have the first three chapters almost edited, and am just about to unveil them to you: my loyal buddies and readers.

So stay tuned! Much more to come out of me. Nope, sorry, ya can't shut me up!

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