Three Days In A Row! Somebody Call The Pope!

Yes, I am back, oh blog. I address the blog because, though I had built up a fiarly respectable blog audience 110 years ago when I used to blog regularly, no one now comes here. But I blog on, nonetheless.

So I am blogging, which, by my own theory from Tuesday, means I'm writing, right? Well, yes and no. I did manage to tap out a few pitiful words the other night, but the laptop has not seen the light of day (or the dark of night, for that matter) since then. But things may be looking up.

My job makes me work fairly steadily for 10 months of the year. But the end of June through July are pretty much my time. And, of course, when I say my time I really mean my time to chaufer and cater to the kids. Starting next week, Mom's Taxi Service will be in full swing, gathering three little boys and taking them to Tee Ball and Swimming and Camp, etc. etc. But the good news is I have a new van.

Now I will get into the guilt syndrome about buying said van another day, but it just occurred to me that my new spoil-mobile with the DVD and various outlets is going to be my summer salvation. You see, while Kid #2 is at swimming lessons, I can put Kids #1 and 3 into the back of the van watching a DVD while I plug the aforementioned lonely laptop into an outlet and write!! Without skipping a beat, I can take Kid #3 to TeeBall while Kid #s 1 and 2 watch a movie and, after parking of course, I can… yes!! Write!

Now, that stubborn old muse has to cooperate. I started my latest manuscript, MURDER IN F MINOR, a while ago now and my momentum has gone pffffffbbbtttttt. But I'll get it back. If the DVD player holds out.


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