Because Real Men Drive Minivans

I noticed the other day while cruising blogs that Stepdad has recently purchased a new minivan. I can relate. You see, for 13 years, I drove this:


And I loved it. This was the car I was never going to part with. My kids were going to learn to drive in this car. But then I became one big traitor.

Two years ago, we bought our first van. Well, actually, our second, but the first one we had bought only 6 months before and was a lemon. The thing might as well have been yellow. It was in the shop every two weeks… literally… and so we got rid of it. We bought ourselves a Chevy Venture and loved it. One problem: the hubby drove it. Only I had the kids, their bags, their stuff and my stuff all packed into a sub-compact car.

Now I was always planning on buying a new something in a couple of years when we paid off the van. Didn't know what I wanted, but I was thinking of a small SUV. In the meantime, though, it occurred to us that we only needed one big car, but that I needed it. So the hubby and I switched. For a whole month.

At the end of that month, he got the key stuck in the ignition of the car. Now he and my car had never gotten along famously, but I thought he could handle driving it back and forth the mile to work. Uh. Guess not. So I pried at the key, trying to get it out of the ignition. No use. I finally promised the car that I'd start driving it again and– who says cars don't have a mind of their own?– the key came out and everything was hunky dory.

But I was still stuck in this tiny car with three increasingly larger boys. I had to do something, but the SUVs I was looking at all cost a fortune! Even used. Unfortunately, it was time to get brutal. I went on-line and found this:


And am I spoiled. I went from manual locks and windows and a cassette player that sometimes sounded like I was on some fun drugs, to power everything, heated seats and a DVD player. So now I get to deal with the guilt.

You see, I traded my baby. Talked them into a good price for it, but I traded it. Bad, bad car mommy. Now, here comes the justification: it was going to cost too much to keep. My oldest doesn't turn 16 for another 5 years, and probably won't be driving then. The next one is right now 8, so we'd have to keep it licensed and in shape for the best part of a decade before we have a kid who can drive it. So I traded it.

All because the hubby has to drive a minivan.

So we're a two van family now. How spoiled is that? Of course, later this morning when I take one to swimming lessons, the other two can watch a movie while we wait. And when we drive to tee-ball, all the stuff will fit.

I am soooo spoiled.


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