Crazy Little Thing Called Life

Pant…pant…pant… can I breathe now? Is son #1 picked up? Is son #2 dropped off? Is son #3 at camp? Where is the husband? When do I need to be at work?

Welcome to summer at my house… and a million others, I’m sure. I doubt we’re the exception to the rule of summertime equals crazy time. Trying to get kids to various activities and home again without leaving somebody somewhere.

I normally manage to keep the kids to one activity a season. I hate over-scheduling kids. After all, we just rode bikes and played Cops and Robbers when we were kids. Kids need time to be kids. Then again, kids need time when they have to do something to tear them away from the PlayStation and the computer. And with our oldest son being special needs, there are certain activities he has to do during the summer, like extended school year services. With three kids, this adds up fast. Oh yeah, and I have a job, too. Sometimes.

The good thing about working in education is that my summers are mostly free. But this year, the Feds decided that our annual application for special ed. funds needed to be submitted in June instead of October, and we needed to formulate a report on exactly what we spent our funds on last year. So we’re doing that, budget, and contracts all at the same time.

I’m scary when I’m harried. I get a little manic, as my friends (and boss) can attest to. But the job is almost over for the summer (thank God, because I have to paint the house), and bowling is just about done for sons #2 and #3. So then maybe I can breathe a moment and get a grip on writing.

You see, I have to finish my mystery before New Jersey Romance Writers conference in October. I plan to pitch there and want to pitch MURDER IN F MINOR. That, of course, means putting myself into overdrive to write it. Which is not all bad. I am a huge nanowrimo fan and have written two novels that way. So writing a book in three months? No sweat.

Oh yeah. Except I have to have it polished, too.

Oh man. Guess it’s time to put Freddie on the stereo and get on it. Sanity is overrated, anyway.



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2 responses to “Crazy Little Thing Called Life

  1. Wow. That’s a lot. But (if you don’t mind my saying) you sound almost…energized by it all. Sometimes I find that a challenge like that sort of gets me moving. Hope it works for you!
    Barring that, join me in a manic coffee habit.

  2. Uh…guess what I am drinking right now, Kita. Gotta have my cofee. I have even become a coffee snob, but that is another blog.

  3. Good Lord! How many times can I use the word “kids” and “you see” in one blog entry!

    Funk and Waganals, take me away!!