What I Did On My Summer Vacation

So I’ve had a week off from the Evil Day Job, since it’s summer and all the kiddos are out of school. I admit, the first few days I took off. Well, as off as my kids will allow. But then, I decided to start the summer project.

House 2 Yes, I’m painting the house. These pics were taken after stripping the first four boards, but before I sanded and did the upper boards. I’ll post the after pics when I get brave enough to go out there and actually paint. See, in order to do that, I have to get on the ladder again.

I have a terrible fear of heights. Always have. Which is part of my whole fear of flying problem that will become more of a problem as I approach New Jersey in the fall. But the fear is great enough that it affects me when I climb ladders to get to the top boards on my one-story little ranch house. I am such a wuss.

That being said, when we first painted this house ten years ago (yes, a decade… I’m a lazy wuss) I wasn’t even able to get up to that fourth or fifth rung of the ladder necessary to get to the top board of the siding. Now I can do that without too much stress. There’s some stress, trust me. I’ve pictured myself falling face first off that ladder more than once. But this afternoon, in a fit of bravery, I not only climbed to that fifth rung on the ladder, but actually turned myself around on it so I was facing away from the ladder to get a particularly difficult chunk of siding. I am freaking Superman, baby.

Remind me one day to tell you the tell of how I jumped off the roof. Seriously.



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