So Much To Tell You… So Little Energy

I have pics. I really do! I justhave zero energy to put them in right now. We came home to 100 degree plus temps and the AC won’t keep up, so I am mostly justtrying to stay cool.

Some higlights of the past week, to be shared in photos soon:

Wall Drug (whoo hoo, as if that is exciting, but I think there’s a law somewhere that says if you live in the state more than 10 consecutive years, you must visit Wall Drug)

Mount Rushmore (way cool, actually, even if it is a tourist cliche)

Crazy Horse (could have lived without the kid getting sick there from the heat)

Oh, and then there was this cool little old restaurant in Keystone.

Cheyenne Frontier Days (of which we did extremely little since I’m a native and find the whole think a PITA… but the Thunderbirds’ flight pattern is right over my folks’ backyard and since my brother the Lt. Colonel did them some sort of a favor… well, the kids loved it)

Denver Zoo (way hot but way worth it… sorry I missed you, Kira!)

Oh, and then there was that cool little restauraunt in Dever that I have loved since I was a kid… and Casa Bonita, which involved just way too many bratty kids. But hey, it’s been on Unwrapped!
I lived through Denver traffic at rush hour on Colfax. Maybe only Kira will undetrstand that one. And while we’re on the subject, what was with the RTD bus that almost took the right side of my car off? Colfax is way too narrow to be three lanes!

But we’re home, we’re hot, and today we have two fillings and a cleaning at the dentist’s office. I have my first cavity after nearly 35 years, can you imagine?

None of this making sense? It will, on the next episode of…

Wait. This isn’t SOAP. Let’s just say stay tuned, because I will explain it all.



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2 responses to “So Much To Tell You… So Little Energy

  1. Rush hour on Colfax? Good lord, woman. Next time you’re in town I’m buying you a drink for sure.

  2. Hehehe…you’re on. And I’ll even remember you live there next time.

    Yes, rush hour on Colfax. Coulda been worse. Coulda been on I-25 right around T-Rex.