Busy, Busy Bee

Not going to be around much this week, I’m afraid. The Day Job is going to be about all I can handle. Along with being mother of the year, that is.  We’re getting ready for school to start and it is crrrraaaaaazzzzyyy!

In writing news, figured out how to get the murder weapon into Isabelle’s posession and wrote close to ten pages this weekend. I love it when the juices just flow! Unfortunately, they tend to only do that in spurts these days and where I once wrote 50,000 words in a month, it has now taken me about three to get just shy of 19,000 out of me.

They tell me I will find more time when the kids gorw up/school starts/the world comes to an end/etc., but I doubt it. No, I think like dragging my giant tuchus onto my elliptical everyday, writing is a discipline and I just ain’t that disciplined lately.

So off to work. Have a great week!


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