JonBenet, Snakes on a Plane, and Why I’m a Total Goober

Lots has happened since I last visited here. Remind me to tell you about the three spoons for spoonless soup sometime, will ya?

As for hitting the salient points on the national scene, I start with the whole brouhaha over JonBenet Ramsey. I remember Christmas 1996, when the hubby and I took son #1 out to visit his grandparents for the holiday. (Sons #2 and 3 were not even considered yet.) I remember watching the noon news out of Denver and them reporting on a kidnapping in Boulder. I remember that by the 5 o’clock broadcast it had become a murder. I remember someone in the room noting that JonBenet was “a dumbass name for a little girl.” Hate to agree, but…

I saw the figure somewhere the other day and can’t remember the exact number now, but there were upwards of 100 child murders the same year JonBenet was killed, many still unsolved just as hers is.  So why do we remember her specifically? Is it the dumbass name? Is it the beauty pageant thing? Who knows. But it did focus a light on how we sexuallize our girls from the time they are small. And I’m not talking about beauty queens here. Run through Target’s children’s clothing section sometime. I should have had my camera with me at a wedding I went to Saturday with these little girls (age 8 and under) with plunging necklines, halter tops, and the word “juicy” written across the butt on their low-slung short shorts. Thought we learned a lesson from JonBenet? Guess again.

As for John Mark Karr, I won’t even speculate. I would hope that the Boulder DA has more than just his crackpot confession, but only time will tell. I hope they match the DNA evidence and give her family some closure. Interesting to note, too, that the house in which she died is on and off the market since the Ramseys sold it. Some may say a resteless spirit lives there. I hope she can find peace, too.

A personal note here: I was going to attend CU Boulder for graduate school, and then changed my mind. There is a lake on campus there known as rape lake, for obvious reasons. So the next time someone tells you Boulder is a small, safe community, consider that. Just saying.

Snakes on a Plane. Okay, so with my fear of flying coupled with my fear of anything slithery, I’m thinking I’m going to skip this one.  It’s bad enough they have found some sort of chemical substance on a plane at Newark Airport (where I’m going), I don’t think I need to fuel my phobia by watching the pilots of a commercial airliner killed by some sort of anaconda-looking thing with big, long teeth. And the title? Well, they say keep it simple, but come ON!. Still, I like Samuel L. Jackson and wish him better luck in this movie than his character had in the third Star Wars.

And why am I a total goober? Because as scared to death as I am of flying, I can’t wait to go to New Jersey and meet all my friends. Some of these wonderful ladies I have known only on the Internet for more than three years. Never met. That’s because I live in the middle of nowhere. Now, I like living in the middle of nowhere, but it can hinder certain social aspects of my writing. So not only am I going to get to meet my friends and fellow writers, I get to have some face time with agents and editors. I am so excited I am like a kid who gets to spend her allowance money on the latest new toy. Of course, my toy costs a lot more and I have to go up in the air to get there, but it will be worth it. I think if I ever say the words New Jersey to my husband again, though, he’s going to lose it. Something for me to keep in mind.

Well, off to work with me. I will be more present this week than last, but still may not be daily. First day of school for my kiddos this week, too, so be looking for pictures!


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