Spoonless Soup is Good for the Environment — Unless I’m Making It

Not sure how many copyright laws I’d be breaking to mention the specific product, but I’m sure you’ll figure it out. I went shopping last week and was tickled to find on sale those little microwavable cups of soup that you just drink from what is essentially a can. They are terrific for the office, since we all love soup but rarely have a microwavable bowl or cup large enough to make a can of soup. And it wouldn’t require the alarming amount of plastic spoons we go through around here. Saving the environment, right? So I picked up a boatload of ’em and was very anxious to try it!

So Monday of last week, I decide to nuke myself a can of Vegetable Medley. Yum yum! Looked good, to boot. But when I read the instructions, it turned out you had to stir the sucker when it was done cooking so the temperature would be even through and through. Ah well, so much for spoon-less soup, but since I was having a yogurt, too, I didn’t feel too bad about it. I’d just use the same spoon.

Except when I stirred the soup, it totally coated the thing from top to bottom in this thick, tomato-y goop that would not get along with my yogurt. I sigh, realize I am the biggest waster in the world, and toss the spoon.

But now I have my soup cup, right? So I’m good! I take the first sip. Needs salt in a big way. So I sprinkle a little salt in there, intending to shake it up to mix it in. But the lid has a hole that is just too darned big to swirl or shake anything inside with. So I have to grab another spoon. I realize as I throw this spoon that I am a loser.

So I have my soup. And my uncontaminated yogurt. And I head back to my desk where I take a sip of my soup… which now needs pepper.

The third spoon I just kept and ate my soup with it. So much for sipping out of the blasted can.

Lesson learned? One, just buy a can of soup and make sure we have stuff available to cook it in. Two, I obsess about stupid crap. Like plastic spoons and soup in a cup. I think this is a clue that I need to get a life.


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