In Today’s Worst Idea Ever File

Survivor wants to pit races against one another. Races as in ethnic groups. Now I know why I don’t watch Survivor. In the mean time, NYC wants the series pulled. My opinion of NYC officials just skyrocketed.

Someday, people… yes, even ratings-hungry jackasses in LA… will get a clue and actually learn from previous mistakes. Then again, since schools across the country are starting to cut history from their curriculum in favor of other programs, maybe we won’t.


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  1. Shannon

    Are you kidding me? You find this reprehensible? Do you ever succumb to thinking outside the box or is your tiny circle too comfty?

    What permeates so deeply and functions so devisivly is the ABSENCE of honest dialogue regarding American race relations.

    Cheers to CBS for finally doing something so cutting edge that it may actually end up meaning something.