From Metrosexual to Miami Vice

Scruff in again? Oh I don’t think so.

I am ordinarily not the Emmy watching type of girl, but I clicked into my favorite news site tonight and saw some rather disturbing pics of men at the Emmys.

They have those kinda half-beard things that Don Johnson and whatshisname used to wear during Miami Vice. You know, 5 o’clock shadow on steroids. A.K.A. ugly.

You like your man with a little scruf, you say? Okay. I can get on board with that. So if hubby wants to quit shaving, I can too? Wonder how 5 o’clock armpit shadow would go over in Hollywood.

So what the hell happened? Two years ago, guys were getting things waxed that were never meant to be, and it wasn’t unusual to see them sporting a fresh manicure. Does it have to go from one extreme to the other? I guess it’s all about the pendulum in the world of fashion. So can I be looking forward to peg legs and those cute little aligator polos coming back? That might make up for the beard burn I’m gonna get just trying to kiss my husband.

Just a word of advice to Patrick Demsey: you were so much hotter as a clean shaved geek. Get a decent razor.


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