I’m Wireless, Baby!

I am writing this from my bed. Online. On the first new laptop I’ve ever owned. I. Am. Spoiled.

I have a gazillion computers and computer components in my house, all hand-me-downs with the exception of what was my main computer: the desktop in the living room. But I can never get access to said desktop since the kids take over. And then there’s the whole issue of my hand-me-down laptop that wouldn’t let me save to a disk to take anywhere else. And I couldn’t get internet on it, either. So it was evident it was time for an upgrade.

So I bought my first brand new laptop, got a wireless router, and here I am. So now I need to justify this purchase by actually selling a book, right? Yeah. Working on that. T-minus two weeks and counting on New Jersey. Cross your fingers.

So now this is my main computer. Mine. No one else gets on this baby. Because I am a huge, spoiled baby. Heck yeah.

Now I get to try to fix my main PC, since a loverly little trojan kicked its butt. Ahhh… the miracle of modern technology!


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