Stalking Jessica Faust

No, I’m not really stalking an agent. Although, I kinda felt like I was by Saturday night. She has a partial of mine and asked me to say hi in NJ, so of course I was looking for her.

Don’t ask how many “lovely, petite redhead”s I asked if they were Jessica Faust. Note to the NJ conference chair – make those name tags a little more readable next year so I don’t have to go around staring at women’s chests asking who they are. Just a suggestion. Otherwise, great confernece!

So I lived through the flight home, amazingly enough. Though in Newark, I swear our pilot was scraping the ass of the plane on the tarmac. Took off at an insane angle, pulling the gear up the second we took off. Not good for my nerves, since I hate takeoff anyway.

But the conference was worth it. I started out Friday morning asking myself why I’d ever dream of doing this, but then my buddies got there. Specifically Lani and Rebecca, to whom I’d link if she had a site. I’ve known these two online for ages, but this weekend was the first time we’d ever met in person. We were like sorority sisters reuniting after summer. It was way beyond worth getting on a plane. Then, of course, were the other lovely ladies I’ve known online for a hundred million years. Barb/Caridad Ferrer, to whom I will always be apologizing for butchering her name. I’m a white chick, honey. What can I say? Alesia Holliday, whose name I also butcher. But she’s gracious about it. And Michelle Cunnah, who may be the English version of a Jersey girl, but who will always seem classy and brilliant to me.
Then there was meeting two of my favorite authors, Jennifer Crusie and Nancy Martin. Both are wonderful, gracious women. You’d never suspect how successful they are from the way they act. I don’t know if I expected some sort of superiority complex out of either of them, but both sat down and chatted like old friends. Wonderful ladies.

But it was the people I met that I’d never even heard of (sorry, ladies!) who made the weekend. I will list some here, knowing full well I forget about half of them. Jade Lee who introduced us all to the tantric sex chair. Online. Not in person. Still, one would think that would tip me off to the fact she writes erotica. Yeah, color me naive. Molly O’Keefe, Maureen McGowan and Sinead (sorry, honey, I never caught your last name), our Canadian contingent, who introduced me to lemon drops. The kind with booze. (The blog I linked to for them, by the way, will be added to my links very shortly. As soon as I can find my desk again.) Cindy Holby, whose name I originally heard as a kind of cheese and she didn’t mind. How cool is that? She is the most fun I’ve ever seen on two legs, and does not look old enough to have sons that gorgeous! Berta Plata, who was unfortunate enough to end up at our table at TGI Fridays on Saturday night. I hope she enjoyed our company as much as we enjoyed hers. Liz Maverick, who is really cute when she doesn’t know what we’re talking about when we wave to her from across the room. Sorry about that whole waiter, thing, Liz. Blame Kathy.

I know there are a million more, but I am either forgetting them or never caught a last name, like the sweet-looking Stacey the Bookseller. Next time, I will catch more last names.

I also did a little good in the old career department. Got to pitch to an editor for New American Library/Penguin and she asked for not one but two partial manuscripts for both my women’s fiction and mystery. Better get on actually writing that mystery then, huh?

But that will wait for a day or two. At least long enough for me to find my desk under all this paperwork. Uhh… that might take until Christmas, so better get on that sooner. It will be more fun, anyway.



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2 responses to “Stalking Jessica Faust

  1. Maureen McGowan

    Hi, Cate! It was so great to meet you. You’ll have to come up to Toronto some time. Maybe we can introduce you to another interesting beverage.

  2. I’d love that, Maureen. I was so glad to meet you, too!