New Template Love

Okay, so I was bored with the cutsie flowers. Actually, I tend to get bored with templates a lot. But then I saw this, and realized it looked just like my desk. Tons of old books stacked one on top of the other. So I love the new template. Wish I could use it on the website, but A) not that talented and B) don’t have that kind of time these days. Perhaps one day I will actually get around to updating the website. For now, though, must edit.

Edit is not going well, mostly because I haven’t had time to really start doing it. But I think I get to be home every evening thsi week, so I might actually get to start working on it. It will be a cursory edit, but enough to put a little flesh on the bones of MURDER IN F MINOR to send to NAL, along with my first 5 chapters of LET’S DISH. Wish me luck, folks. I think I might need it.


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