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Website Trouble

If you’re trying to find me on the website, thanks to Go Daddy’s screwy billing system, it’s down. I’m working on getting it working again, so please bear with me. Thanks!


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Should I blog? I think I should blog.

Well, here I am at the end of a long week… all of two days. Of course, the week is bound to get longer, since 24 hours from now I’m on a slow boat to China. Or a fast minivan to Wyoming. Whatever.

Drove 780 miles round trip the other day to end up right way I started, sans dog. My little brother is safely and happily with my folks, so the 12 hour trip was well worth it. Especially since I’ve been able to sleep for two whole nights in a row. How did I ever manage to have babies and not die from exhaustion? I must have been younger and tougher. Which is reason number 1 I pity 40-year-old mothers. Then again, maybe it’s the kids who wore me down to the nub prior to our canine house guest. Who knows. I’m still rambling.

So tomorrow we have a 10 1/2 hour drive ahead of us, but the hubby has offered to drive most of it since I drove alone on Saturday. Which theoretically frees me to write. I say theoretically, because unlike my old laptop (emphasis on old), this one plays DVDs. So I’m wondering if he’ll notice when the typing stops and I start watching Rear Window or something. (He’s already made me promise to pack Dial M for Murder, so apparently we’ll be on a Hitchcock theme.) So the kids can watch cartoons in the back, and the hubby or I (whoever’s not driving) can watch on the laptop. Suddenly he thinks spending $600 on this was a really good idea.

But I have to get something done. NaNo has not worked out well for me, yet again, and I have less than 10K written in the month of November. Ya know, one would think I’d just learn that signing up for NaNo is a surefire way to assure my November is insane and I get nothing done. But I’ve figured out why I used to be more productive, even with a baby in the house. A hundred years ago, back when I could pump out 50K in 28 days and still cook a turkey, I could write at the office. Back then, I had this easy breezy job that required little thought and even less time, leaving me hours unattended to work on my manuscript. I still have the same job, but I was stupid enough to let them know I could write a competent psychological history. Hence why I no longer have time to write fiction. I’m spending my days writing stuff that is much stranger than that.

So I have 10 hours to Cheyenne and back to write 40K. There is no way on God’s green earth, but I’ll try.

You ever think about that phrase? God’s green earth? Why green, when it is so obviously blue from space. Of course, that’s probably because it dates back to pre- John Glenn/Buzz Aldrin/Niel Armstrong times, and probably originated in Ireland or someplace. And it’s precisely tangents like that that keep me from writing 50K in November.

So tomorrow I hit the road. And so, hopefully, do Isabelle, Rex and Michael. Wish me luck!

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Exhaustion, Thy Name is Pooch

Oh. My. God. I’m so tired. Exhausted. What’s my name? Seriously. It took me two tries to sign in here right. I have been babysitting the new little brother for four days now. He had me at nervous breakdown time on day 2.

Sam is a good dog. Sam is a sweet dog. Sam is a pain in my ass. He wants to learn and wants to be a good dog, but no one has ever taught him. He needs a loving family who can discipline him and take the time to teach him right from wrong. That family is NOT us.

We have an older dog, who was far from perfect in her younger days. But she’s mellowed and is a good, solid family dog. She’s also pushing 94 in real age and has a heart condition. Sam, who has at least 30 pounds on her (she’s a lab/greyhound mix) wants to play with her like a puppy. He T-bones her with his head and she goes flying eighteen feet, coughing and hacking and looking like she’s going to have a heart attack. She wants to play. She just can’t anymore.

So all day, I have to watch these two like hawks. If Sam gets too wild, I’m gonna be burying a dog. Oh, and Sam likes to poop a lot. In my house. And chew things. Things not his chewie toy. Sam is a pain in my ass. Have I mentioned that before?

Oh, and he likes to jump the fence. He ran off this weekend. And he didn’t just jump the fence. He let himself out the back door, THEN jumped the fence. I ran around the neighborhood, convinced I’d never find him and would be disowned by the folks. Of course, by that point, I was wondering if it might be worth it for a single whine-free, sleep-filled night. But I came home to find Dumb Dog sitting on the front porch looking like he thought he was the cutest thing ever.

Sam is a pain in my ass.

So this has taught me three things: A) Never, ever buy your parents a dog unless they can come get him TODAY; B) No good deed ever goes unpunished; and C) I am SO over dogs. We were considering getting another when Lucy leaves us. Nope. Not gonna happen. I don’t have the patience for this crap.

Sam is going to make a wonderful dog for my folks. For me? Not so much. So on Saturday, if I survive that long, we’re driving 6 hours out to Rapid City to meet my parents in the middle. I’m going to drop off a dog, get some McDonalds for the kids, and come home. 12 hours in the car when I am already sleep-deprived. Fun stuff. What a day. But at least when I get home, I can sleep without wondering what Sam is pooping, chewing or killing. Ah. Sweet relief.

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My New Little Brother

Whoda thunk it? At 35, I have a new little brother. And here is the kicker. I’ve met him, but my parents haven’t yet.

Of course, we are talking about a dog. But that’s rather beside the point, since species is rather irrelevant in our family.

Sam Sam, as he will be known, is the product of a lot of research followed by dumb luck. My parents have been looking for shepherd breeders, I’ve been looking for shepherd breeders, and we’ve been wearing out our keyboards looking for a German Shepherd or a shepherd mix for a couple of weeks. So I decide to stop by the local animal shelter to let the boys pet a couple of dogs and see if they knew of any local breeders or could let me know if they got a dog in. And in the first kennel, who do I see?

SamA gorgeous shepherd. We’re taking him home to Wyoming at Thanksgiving.  Should be fun. Three kids, two dogs, and my husband. Who isn’t really fond of spending extended time with either. In one minivan for 11 hours straight. Oh how fun that will be!!

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Home of Da Packers, Baby!

I don’t know, should I go? The hubbs would probably kill me going to Green Bay without him, but it’s driving distance and looks like a good conference I could do relatively cheaply. And since I am now hooked on conferences…

Doesn’t hurt that one of my best buds is  going to be presenting, either.
Might be having to buy a ton of Packer stuff while I’m there, though. Good trade? I’m thinking yes.

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Nano and Cub Scouts and E-mail, Oh My!

This is a fly-by, folks, just letting you know I’m not dead. Just feeling that way.

On Nano, I have 4,055 words written. Yes, I am behind. But considering all those words were done over the course of 2 hours and amounted to 17 pages and my closing scene of MFM, I am none too disapointed. Considering my schedule over the last several days, I’m kind of amazed I got anything done.

Yes, the schedule is crazy thanks to Cub Scouts. Not only did I get to play Den Leader for son #3 this weekend on a trip to the museum (which was lovely, by the way, and the kids were so good!), I get to play Den Mama tomorrow night to son #2’s den. Shared leaderships sucks. That’s all I’m saying. (Picture six 8 and 9-year-old boys making spaghetti and oatmeal cookies. In MY kitchen! ARRRGHHH) Between meetings tonight and other such nonsense, NaNoing ain’t looking good until at least Wednesday. But I could be in a coma by then.

Finally, if you have sent an email (or a comment to this blog) and not received a reply from me, I am so, so sorry! I normally reply to all my comments here, but have been unable to send email from my Outlook this weekend. I know now how to fix it, so just need to get five minutes strung together at home sometime to do that.

Oh, and check back later. I swear I’m going to get a Halloween pic up sometime this week if it kills me. Or, if not this week, perhaps by Christmas…

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