My New Little Brother

Whoda thunk it? At 35, I have a new little brother. And here is the kicker. I’ve met him, but my parents haven’t yet.

Of course, we are talking about a dog. But that’s rather beside the point, since species is rather irrelevant in our family.

Sam Sam, as he will be known, is the product of a lot of research followed by dumb luck. My parents have been looking for shepherd breeders, I’ve been looking for shepherd breeders, and we’ve been wearing out our keyboards looking for a German Shepherd or a shepherd mix for a couple of weeks. So I decide to stop by the local animal shelter to let the boys pet a couple of dogs and see if they knew of any local breeders or could let me know if they got a dog in. And in the first kennel, who do I see?

SamA gorgeous shepherd. We’re taking him home to Wyoming at Thanksgiving.  Should be fun. Three kids, two dogs, and my husband. Who isn’t really fond of spending extended time with either. In one minivan for 11 hours straight. Oh how fun that will be!!


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  1. Congrats on the new sibling. He’s cute!