Mental Reset Button

New Year’s Eve. Tomorrow is not only a new week and a new day, but also a new year. Then again, it’s just the sun coming up in the east as it always does. Then it will set in the west and we go about our business as usual. Or do we?

Once a year we’re given a rather unique opportunity.  Whether you look at it as the natural way of things, or if you are a little more pragmatic and think back to the group of whomever they were — most likely men, but I’m too lazy to google exactly whom I’m talking about — who decided on our current calendar, the first of January is a little different than any other day. It’s a whole new year. Today is a celebration and, if necessary, a sloughing of what has been and we go to bed tonight dreaming of what will be.

I’m not a resolution kinda gal. Oh, I swear again this year that I’ll hit the treadmill everyday and I’m going to try to shut my mouth more often and not be the class clown anymore. (Ironic little twist here: I wasn’t actually the class clown in school. I didn’t get to be an unrelenting smart ass until well into adulthood. Anyway…)  I vow to be a little smarter, to be a better mother and a generally all around better person. Pretty generic, huh? Yeah. But by the 15th of the month, dust will again be coating the treadmill, my mouth will be getting me into trouble, and I’ll be yelling at kid number one about something the other two did. Because I’m human and, like everyone else, I revert to type. But, this year, I hope to make it. I hope to look at the New Year as the opportunity to reset my brain… my whole attitude. I hope to think of myself as the existing raw materials to do build a better me.

So I put this entry under a writing life. Why? Well, because I’ll be doing the same with MURDER IN F MINOR. The lovely editor who rejected it was right – there isn’t enough at stake for poor Isabelle. So I am taking what I have — the existing raw materials — and building a new book. Honestly,  I didn’t like my hero in the beginning, anyway.  In the meantime, I’m going to shop LET’S DISH all over the place. Get serious about it for a change. And I’m going to Green Bay in June to be a writer WITH writers again. This is one resolution I think I can keep.

Oh, and resolve to write in the blog more often. But let’s just remember, I’m human, you know.


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