Even Scrooge Had Heart

Okay, so I was accused yesterday of being a big Scrooge this year. It’s true. I know it. Between a crazy December and a huge rush up to Christmas, I was so not in the Christmas spirit. That hasn’t exactly changed, and I’ve been itching to get rid of all the Christmas paraphernalia around my house. However, we never take anything down until Epiphany (Jan 6th) and this year will be no exception, lest my children smother me in my sleep. But between struggling to get the outside lights to work this year and putting up the Christmas tree TWICE, I’m about done with the whole thing.

But there were some warm, holiday-y moments I can recount here. We got the first real snow of the season on Saturday, which was actually beautiful coming down. We sat in the house, all toasty, while the husband watched football and the kids and I played computer games all day. It was just a nice time, watching the flakes fall and the mailman’s footprints disappear. All the while indulging in leftover cookies and candies and playing Rollercoaster Tycoon. (Damned addictive game, by the way.)

Then there were the James Bond marathons! We love us some Bond in our house, and both Spike TV and Encore fed into our sad addiction. We’d snuggle up on the big bed in Mom and Dad’s room and watch Bond, James Bond for hours! My mother called one afternoon and asked why it was so quiet at my house. “They’re watching Dr. No,” I told her.

“Son Number 3 is 6!” she replied, but then amended with, “I guess you were about that age the first time you saw it.”

Yep. I was. And considering the kind of violence they are exposed to on Cartoon Network these days, I don’t think a little Dr. No is going to kill them. Especially since they are already pointing out how impossible most things Bond does actually are. Still, both sons numbers 2 and 3 can now sing the theme to Goldfinger pretty accurately.

Oh, and then there was the Twlight Zone on SciFi! Yes, most warm moments in our house revolve around some sort of media device. (Did I mention the husband got an HDTV – our first – for Christmas? We HAD to break it in!) But lest you think all we do is sit around and watch TV, there was also the snow shoveling and sled riding, as well.

So when I sit back and think about it, we’ve had a pretty good Christmas. Some good memories, there, to make us smile and think back on when the kids are up and out. Of course, when they are up and out, maybe I can actually sleep in sometimes.


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