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Generation X Meets Generation iPod

I’m an old lady.

Not in age, unless you listen to a 13-year-old, but in attitude. These kids today just irritate the crap out of me, and I think they need to just grow the hell up.

So what am I going off about today? iPods and latte. Yup. Even these simple things can send me into  world-class rant. But you have to remember, I work on a college campus. iPods and lattes are getting to be my nemisis.

I’m walking to the post office the other day and had the misfortune of hitting that little golden ten-minutes when kids are rushing from one class to another. Out of a group of 20 or so kids I got stuck behind, at least 10 had slipped in their earbuds to walk down the hall. Nope, they could not go five minutes without having  Fall Out Boy screaming on about an arms race. So that I could hear it. Thirty feet away. When they’re 30 and investing in Miracle Ear, I’ll sit back and laugh my sick, twisted butt off.

While their assaulting their hammers, stirrups and cochlia, they’re screaming at one another (since they have their music so freaking loud) about, “Dude! If I don’t get a f***ing mocha latte like now, I’m gonna f****ing die.”


No, dude, if you don’t get f****ing oxygen now, you will f****ing die, but last time I checked, Starbucks was not on the list of elements necessary to support life.

She says as she chuggs her caramel macchiato and listens to Fall Out Boy on her iPod.

Well, actually, the iPod is at home. Because I can live five minutes without plugging it in. See, it’s not that they’re doing this stuff, it’s that they are so blinking dependent on it. They’re spoiled brats! And the volume! When I take out my earbuds and my iPod is stil playing, I can’t hear it if they’re in my hands. But these kids have them in their ears and I can hear the music clearly down the hall!

Can you say nerve damage? I knew you could.

I’m officially part of Generation X. We’re the MTV generation who grew up on Twisted Sister (yes, Lani, I know who Dee Snider is) and Van Halen, who had microwave pizza and Diet Pepsi on tap. We were supposed to be the world’s most useless generation, especailly compared to the hard working Baby Boomers.  So now that a good portion of us are supporting families and going out to lead companies and get advanced degrees, are we still useless? Or is it just natural that we get irritated with those stupid, lazy kids and their iPods and lattes.

Oh, the two that were going to f***ing die? Yeah. They skipped math and went to Starbucks instead. Guess they’ll live. Won’t know how to add up their change, though.

Stupid kids.


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And My Idiotic Act of the Week Is…

We got a dog. A puppy, actually. And I am starting to wonder what the hell I was thinking. Seriously!

The husband swore we wouldn’t get another black lab, but when he saw her, he realized that our Lucy was really a black greyhound. This little girl (named Lizzie by our middle boy) is almost pure lab, and God only knows what else is in there, but she’s cute. Well, you judge:


This is the boys’ dog. In fact, she’s already picked out her favorite boy in Son #3, and he even helps clean up her piddle. But she is already doing well at the potty training! Yay! But the chewing… well, we got a kennel for night night time because of the chewing. She likes eating my dresser when she should be sleeping.

She had an exciting night tonight, going over to play with our friend’s daughter and then going out to the farm to run with a real farm dog while we picked up her new bed (A.K.A. the Pet Taxi that is going to let me finally get some sleep). She saw cows and ran and ran. For a little doggie who’d never seen the outside of the Humane Society until Saturday, she’s sure getting around. And now she’s passed out beside me, snoring away in her puppy way.

She’ll be a good dog when she learns some manners, and she will soon enough. The kids will run with her and will love her. And, for now, she’ll drive me nuts.  Hey, what else is a dog for?

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Screwing Around at Work and Getting Away With It

Yep. Blogging at work. And with the boss’s okay, even. See, she’s had some difficulty with her wireless keyboard putting in too many letters at a time. Her correspondence is starting to look something like this:

To whooooom ittt may conerrrnn. This is ofiiiiiiicial busssssinesssss.

So, as the resident techie (and don’t you feel sorry for the other residents right now?)  I told her I’d come in here today and pouund away on it and see if it did the same thing to me. Which you can see, it is. Now I just have to figure it out. So what better way to spend a few minutes tapping away on a keyboard than to blog?

Hmmm… now the little sucker isn’t putting in all the letters I do type, so this thing could be a fun thing to figure out. And an interesting blog to read.

Well, it’s been a busy week at Chez Catie. Firstly, I am proud to report that chapter twoo of MURDER IN F MINOR is revamped, and Izzy is in more trouble than ever. The cops are after her and so is a crazed killer. Or is he? Maybe Izzy is the killer. Tune in next week to find out absolutely no more than you already know. (Okay, had a few spare letters there. Why? Why, I ask you?)

The fam-damily is also in a hot debate this week. You’re going to call us crazy, and you’d be right. We’re looking for a puppy. We swore after we lost poor Lucy that we’d never get anoter dog. Then we thoought we mght (extra o, no i or h… huh) but not for a while. Now we’re in h0t pursuit of a puppy! We have too many options, see. There are these two white puppies who are yellow lab/great pyrenees cross who arae cu-ute! (Interesting place for another a.) But the hubby may not be prepared for a dog who is bigger than he is. And they are a good 2 hour drive away. But free! Then there are the black lab puppies here in town. Well behaved, don’t really bark, sweet, and the $60 adoption fee covers their spaying. But a black dog reminds husband and son #2 too much of Lucy, so they may be out of the picture. (Had to addd a couple of Es there, and now I have too many Ds. What the…) Then there are the puppies down the road a ways in husband’s old home town. He was going down there Friday anywway to visit  his mom (extra w) and it wouldn’t take too much to join him. Cute dogs, husy lab mixes with blue eyes or some one blue and one brown. Cuties every one. But once we got the dog, assuming we got a dog, what would we do with it during our visit to the nursing home and then dinner, yada yada? Too many choices, I tell you.  Son #1 wants the whitte ones (with or without the extra t), son #2 wants anything but  black lab and by the way can’t  we just get another cat, and son #3 is crying real tears over the possibility of not gettting a black lab puppy from the local Humane Society. Dad is acting like this whole thing wasn’t his idea (so I can’t blame him lataer–with an extra a– and Mom is just trying to keep the peace and decide (since I’m the most experienced dog trainer/owner in the house) which  would make the most sense as a family pet. Dad has laid down the law that the decsion will be made this  weekend no matter what, and so by Sunday we will either be dog owners again and I’ll be potty training a puppy, or we’ll be dogless forever. (As if.)


And then there’s this whole keyboard issue. I  don’t like wireless keyboards, for this reason. They get wonky on you. Perhaps I’ll try moving the transmitter. See if that helps. What do y’all think?


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Spoofing and iTunes Crack

I’ve been spoofed. Not in the Hot Shots/Airplane/Police Squad kind of way, but in the dirty, nasty spammer sort of way. Last week I started getting all these “undeliverable” messages in my email and couldn’t figure out why. Then I saw the original email address was something like and and After emailing just about everyone I know who knows anything about domains and email, I had it figured out. I’d been spoofed. So if you receive a message from me about International Lotto Tickets or Windows Vista, it ain’t me, babe, as the song says. Luckily, looks like the assault is over. However, I’ve now been blocked from about eight million computers world wide. Oh the joy of modern technology.

Speaking of modern technology, I recently purchased an iPod. I’d always wondered what all the fuss was about. I figured people were making too big of a deal out of a little music player. Come on, the thing’s smaller than my credit card! But I started down the slippery slope to iPod ownership when I bought my new computer and installed — gasp! — iTunes.

iTunes is a gateway drug. That’s all I’m saying.

iTunes is free. It’s like that first line of coke the dealer gives you to get you hooked. It’s that first rock of crack. Once you have it, you need it. A song for only 99 cents! Dude! Sign me up! A whole album for less than $10! Boy howdy! I’m in! And the player — well, there are no words.

But my laptop is a little awkward to take with me downstairs to the elliptical when I work out. And if the song sucks, I have to get off the machine and actually go over to the computer to hit the button. Hmmmm… I needed an iPod.

So I tootled over to ebay and bought me a shuffle. Gorgeous little white thing that has room for all my music and can easily hang around my neck. If I don’t want to listen to the song, I just press a little button. Ahhh… what bliss!  But no pictures. And I still haven’t figure out if I can do playlists on it or not. And there is that episode of Scrubs I could watch if I just has a screen…

Catie is a junkie who needs her fix.

Speaking of iPods and getting a fix, allow me to recommend a brand new podcast,  brought to you by the fine folks at Will Write for Wine.  As you may know, Lani is a very good friend of mine, and I’m sure Samantha is a great gal, too. Can’t wait to meet her. Their first (inauguratory) podcast was this weekend, and I plugged my earbuds into my head and laughed along with it as I fixed my banister. (See? iPod hands around your neck, so you can do all this stuff and not bother the neighbors/kids with your tunage!) HIGHlarious. Kind of like Car Talk for writers. Check it out.

But I won’t tell you to download it on iTunes. I can’t be responsible for spreading the addiction.

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Snow Pics

As promised, I’ll share some pics of our lovely little snow storm. Remember that new garden and patio I built this last summer? This one:

New Patio

Well, now it looks like this:pict0306.JPG

And the kids? Well, the stuff is over their little heads:pict0309.JPG

And you can catch a wave in my front yard:pict0313.JPG
Gotta love a blizzard!


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Work At Home Mom?

As all three of you who read this blog know, I work outside the home. One could argue that I actually make my living writing, since I take cognitive (IQ) tests and academic tests that others have administered and turn them into a cohesive report that hopefully makes sense to the parents of the kids we work with.  My normal day starts at 6:30 AM, kids to school by 7:45 and me to work by 8:00 (ish). I work until 3, get the kids, and then do the mommy thing for the rest of the day.

Yeah. Not this week. Wednesday morning went something like this:

6:30  – wake up to snow. A LOT of snow.

7:40 – leave the house, get stuck in snow, get out wihtout too much trouble, get kids to school

8:00 – in the office – our whole traveling staff starts calling as schools are running late and start closing

9:00 – local school district closes at 10:00 – frantically put a whole bunch of report folders in my bag to take home to work on for the afternoon – had thought about bringing kids back to the office, but I don’t THINK so!

10:00 – pick up kids from school, try to drive home, get stuck in alley

10:30 – finally dig out and get unstuck, start down the alley and get stuck AGAIN

11:00 – finally actually get home, but car is parked in a bad spot where the plows come through and tow my butt

12:00 – feed starving kids, shovel out driveway, actually get car in driveway

1:00 – get to work for a few hours, actually getting more done than I would at the office with the stupid phone

3:00 – shovel and snow blow again so husband can get into garage

4:00 – more work

5:00 – make dinner

6:30 – um… work

8:45 – done with work for the day, but still have more work? What the…

It went like that for THREE DAYS. We have been snowed in since Wednesday! I’ve been writing reports, shoveling, and using the snowblower for three freaking days. Yesterday was the worst, with the snow drifting the driveway shut with a four foot drift. I actually had to feel around for the front sidewalk because I couldn’t see it. The snowblower folded yesterday afternoon, but I’d gotten almost everything done by then.  I’ll get to do the last of the clean up this morning, but that’s going to be pretty light work. All this time, I’ve been home with three kids who are getting progressively more obnoxious. But somehow, I’ve gotten a surprising amount of work done!

Amazingly, I managed to get everything I brought home done. I brought almost everything in my In box, though there are a couple of things I can’t do here at home. Still, I think I might actually be a tad ahead when I get to the office on Monday. See, I shouldn’t blog that. That means I’ll get to work and find a ton of crap I forgot I had to do. Did I get any housecleaning done? Umm… no. Did I get any writing done? Yeah, no. Nothing. I am a total loser.

So today, I get to clean house, shovel the last of the snow, start building some Pinewood Derby cars with the kids for Cub Scouts… and, oh yeah, try to WRITE SOMETHING. Maybe it’s a good thing that the kids have been getting me up just after six the last three days. Not enough hours in the day, and apparently they want to make the most out of every minute. The most arguing, the most whining– you get the picture.

I’ll share pics of my over-my-head drifts later. Right now, I’m just happy as a clam to see the sun! YAY!

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