Work At Home Mom?

As all three of you who read this blog know, I work outside the home. One could argue that I actually make my living writing, since I take cognitive (IQ) tests and academic tests that others have administered and turn them into a cohesive report that hopefully makes sense to the parents of the kids we work with.  My normal day starts at 6:30 AM, kids to school by 7:45 and me to work by 8:00 (ish). I work until 3, get the kids, and then do the mommy thing for the rest of the day.

Yeah. Not this week. Wednesday morning went something like this:

6:30  – wake up to snow. A LOT of snow.

7:40 – leave the house, get stuck in snow, get out wihtout too much trouble, get kids to school

8:00 – in the office – our whole traveling staff starts calling as schools are running late and start closing

9:00 – local school district closes at 10:00 – frantically put a whole bunch of report folders in my bag to take home to work on for the afternoon – had thought about bringing kids back to the office, but I don’t THINK so!

10:00 – pick up kids from school, try to drive home, get stuck in alley

10:30 – finally dig out and get unstuck, start down the alley and get stuck AGAIN

11:00 – finally actually get home, but car is parked in a bad spot where the plows come through and tow my butt

12:00 – feed starving kids, shovel out driveway, actually get car in driveway

1:00 – get to work for a few hours, actually getting more done than I would at the office with the stupid phone

3:00 – shovel and snow blow again so husband can get into garage

4:00 – more work

5:00 – make dinner

6:30 – um… work

8:45 – done with work for the day, but still have more work? What the…

It went like that for THREE DAYS. We have been snowed in since Wednesday! I’ve been writing reports, shoveling, and using the snowblower for three freaking days. Yesterday was the worst, with the snow drifting the driveway shut with a four foot drift. I actually had to feel around for the front sidewalk because I couldn’t see it. The snowblower folded yesterday afternoon, but I’d gotten almost everything done by then.  I’ll get to do the last of the clean up this morning, but that’s going to be pretty light work. All this time, I’ve been home with three kids who are getting progressively more obnoxious. But somehow, I’ve gotten a surprising amount of work done!

Amazingly, I managed to get everything I brought home done. I brought almost everything in my In box, though there are a couple of things I can’t do here at home. Still, I think I might actually be a tad ahead when I get to the office on Monday. See, I shouldn’t blog that. That means I’ll get to work and find a ton of crap I forgot I had to do. Did I get any housecleaning done? Umm… no. Did I get any writing done? Yeah, no. Nothing. I am a total loser.

So today, I get to clean house, shovel the last of the snow, start building some Pinewood Derby cars with the kids for Cub Scouts… and, oh yeah, try to WRITE SOMETHING. Maybe it’s a good thing that the kids have been getting me up just after six the last three days. Not enough hours in the day, and apparently they want to make the most out of every minute. The most arguing, the most whining– you get the picture.

I’ll share pics of my over-my-head drifts later. Right now, I’m just happy as a clam to see the sun! YAY!


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