Snow Pics

As promised, I’ll share some pics of our lovely little snow storm. Remember that new garden and patio I built this last summer? This one:

New Patio

Well, now it looks like this:pict0306.JPG

And the kids? Well, the stuff is over their little heads:pict0309.JPG

And you can catch a wave in my front yard:pict0313.JPG
Gotta love a blizzard!



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2 responses to “Snow Pics

  1. You do NOT have to love a blizzard. I, for one, have had ENOUGH of snow to last me for a good, long time.
    Heh. First time I typed that I’d had enough of snot.
    Which is also true.

  2. Amazingly enough, most of the snow is now gone. Poof! I tell you, growing up in the Rockies, one would think I’d be prepared for this stuff.