Spoofing and iTunes Crack

I’ve been spoofed. Not in the Hot Shots/Airplane/Police Squad kind of way, but in the dirty, nasty spammer sort of way. Last week I started getting all these “undeliverable” messages in my email and couldn’t figure out why. Then I saw the original email address was something like bob@catherinwade.com and rachel@catherinwade.com and dirtylittleblankityblank@catherinwade.com. After emailing just about everyone I know who knows anything about domains and email, I had it figured out. I’d been spoofed. So if you receive a message from me about International Lotto Tickets or Windows Vista, it ain’t me, babe, as the song says. Luckily, looks like the assault is over. However, I’ve now been blocked from about eight million computers world wide. Oh the joy of modern technology.

Speaking of modern technology, I recently purchased an iPod. I’d always wondered what all the fuss was about. I figured people were making too big of a deal out of a little music player. Come on, the thing’s smaller than my credit card! But I started down the slippery slope to iPod ownership when I bought my new computer and installed — gasp! — iTunes.

iTunes is a gateway drug. That’s all I’m saying.

iTunes is free. It’s like that first line of coke the dealer gives you to get you hooked. It’s that first rock of crack. Once you have it, you need it. A song for only 99 cents! Dude! Sign me up! A whole album for less than $10! Boy howdy! I’m in! And the player — well, there are no words.

But my laptop is a little awkward to take with me downstairs to the elliptical when I work out. And if the song sucks, I have to get off the machine and actually go over to the computer to hit the button. Hmmmm… I needed an iPod.

So I tootled over to ebay and bought me a shuffle. Gorgeous little white thing that has room for all my music and can easily hang around my neck. If I don’t want to listen to the song, I just press a little button. Ahhh… what bliss!  But no pictures. And I still haven’t figure out if I can do playlists on it or not. And there is that episode of Scrubs I could watch if I just has a screen…

Catie is a junkie who needs her fix.

Speaking of iPods and getting a fix, allow me to recommend a brand new podcast,  brought to you by the fine folks at Will Write for Wine.  As you may know, Lani is a very good friend of mine, and I’m sure Samantha is a great gal, too. Can’t wait to meet her. Their first (inauguratory) podcast was this weekend, and I plugged my earbuds into my head and laughed along with it as I fixed my banister. (See? iPod hands around your neck, so you can do all this stuff and not bother the neighbors/kids with your tunage!) HIGHlarious. Kind of like Car Talk for writers. Check it out.

But I won’t tell you to download it on iTunes. I can’t be responsible for spreading the addiction.


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