Screwing Around at Work and Getting Away With It

Yep. Blogging at work. And with the boss’s okay, even. See, she’s had some difficulty with her wireless keyboard putting in too many letters at a time. Her correspondence is starting to look something like this:

To whooooom ittt may conerrrnn. This is ofiiiiiiicial busssssinesssss.

So, as the resident techie (and don’t you feel sorry for the other residents right now?)  I told her I’d come in here today and pouund away on it and see if it did the same thing to me. Which you can see, it is. Now I just have to figure it out. So what better way to spend a few minutes tapping away on a keyboard than to blog?

Hmmm… now the little sucker isn’t putting in all the letters I do type, so this thing could be a fun thing to figure out. And an interesting blog to read.

Well, it’s been a busy week at Chez Catie. Firstly, I am proud to report that chapter twoo of MURDER IN F MINOR is revamped, and Izzy is in more trouble than ever. The cops are after her and so is a crazed killer. Or is he? Maybe Izzy is the killer. Tune in next week to find out absolutely no more than you already know. (Okay, had a few spare letters there. Why? Why, I ask you?)

The fam-damily is also in a hot debate this week. You’re going to call us crazy, and you’d be right. We’re looking for a puppy. We swore after we lost poor Lucy that we’d never get anoter dog. Then we thoought we mght (extra o, no i or h… huh) but not for a while. Now we’re in h0t pursuit of a puppy! We have too many options, see. There are these two white puppies who are yellow lab/great pyrenees cross who arae cu-ute! (Interesting place for another a.) But the hubby may not be prepared for a dog who is bigger than he is. And they are a good 2 hour drive away. But free! Then there are the black lab puppies here in town. Well behaved, don’t really bark, sweet, and the $60 adoption fee covers their spaying. But a black dog reminds husband and son #2 too much of Lucy, so they may be out of the picture. (Had to addd a couple of Es there, and now I have too many Ds. What the…) Then there are the puppies down the road a ways in husband’s old home town. He was going down there Friday anywway to visit  his mom (extra w) and it wouldn’t take too much to join him. Cute dogs, husy lab mixes with blue eyes or some one blue and one brown. Cuties every one. But once we got the dog, assuming we got a dog, what would we do with it during our visit to the nursing home and then dinner, yada yada? Too many choices, I tell you.  Son #1 wants the whitte ones (with or without the extra t), son #2 wants anything but  black lab and by the way can’t  we just get another cat, and son #3 is crying real tears over the possibility of not gettting a black lab puppy from the local Humane Society. Dad is acting like this whole thing wasn’t his idea (so I can’t blame him lataer–with an extra a– and Mom is just trying to keep the peace and decide (since I’m the most experienced dog trainer/owner in the house) which  would make the most sense as a family pet. Dad has laid down the law that the decsion will be made this  weekend no matter what, and so by Sunday we will either be dog owners again and I’ll be potty training a puppy, or we’ll be dogless forever. (As if.)


And then there’s this whole keyboard issue. I  don’t like wireless keyboards, for this reason. They get wonky on you. Perhaps I’ll try moving the transmitter. See if that helps. What do y’all think?



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2 responses to “Screwing Around at Work and Getting Away With It

  1. Personally, I think every home should have a dog.
    And at the same time, I think it’s madness to get a puppy. Make of that what you will. Good luck in the hunt.

  2. Hi Go for it youwill not regret taking on a labrador puppy, l have had them for around 50yrs now and they keep me amused and fit regards Peter