And My Idiotic Act of the Week Is…

We got a dog. A puppy, actually. And I am starting to wonder what the hell I was thinking. Seriously!

The husband swore we wouldn’t get another black lab, but when he saw her, he realized that our Lucy was really a black greyhound. This little girl (named Lizzie by our middle boy) is almost pure lab, and God only knows what else is in there, but she’s cute. Well, you judge:


This is the boys’ dog. In fact, she’s already picked out her favorite boy in Son #3, and he even helps clean up her piddle. But she is already doing well at the potty training! Yay! But the chewing… well, we got a kennel for night night time because of the chewing. She likes eating my dresser when she should be sleeping.

She had an exciting night tonight, going over to play with our friend’s daughter and then going out to the farm to run with a real farm dog while we picked up her new bed (A.K.A. the Pet Taxi that is going to let me finally get some sleep). She saw cows and ran and ran. For a little doggie who’d never seen the outside of the Humane Society until Saturday, she’s sure getting around. And now she’s passed out beside me, snoring away in her puppy way.

She’ll be a good dog when she learns some manners, and she will soon enough. The kids will run with her and will love her. And, for now, she’ll drive me nuts.  Hey, what else is a dog for?


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  1. this is just the cutest little thing i saw today.