Name That Kid!

No, I’m not pregnant. Thank God. No, Son #3 represents our last foree into that insanity. But there’s the problem. Son #3. Not very creative and, while accurate, not exactly descriptive, either. Now I’ve seen blogs that identify children by name, which I don’t exactly object to. However, for a variety of reasons, I’m just not comfortable naming Johnny, Tommy and Ben. Just kidding.¬† Then there are the blogs out there who have wonderful names for their kids, like Sweetness and Light, or Science Boy, or That Little SO— never mind that one.

So I need better names for my children for the blog. Son #s 1, 2 and 3 is rather cold and, especially for Son #2, not very flattering. Oldest, youngest and middle plays into that whole Freudian BS my sister’s been trying to milk for years, so that’s out. Unfortunately, all their nicknames around here are plays on their names, so those are out. So since I’m all about audience participation (A.K.A. lazy) I thought I would bring this to the blog readers for input. But to name my kids, you may need a little description.

Son #1 – He’s at that “tween” stage where puberty is hitting, but he still is my baby. Son #1 is not a typical tween, though, as autism has stolen a lot of that typicality. He’s sweet, though, and loves movies. As in he watches them once and can quote them from that point on. Currently his obsession is Star Wars. In fact, he’s given the dog a new name – Darth Puppy. He also has a Darth name, but since it includes his name… He’s engaged, by the way. A little girl in his class who has Down’s Syndrome has recently survived (yay!) a bout of leukemia and it empowered her to propose. He accepted. Lord preserve us.

Son #2 – At age 9, he understands more about quantum physics than I ever will. He reads non stop and does not discriminate – Ramona and Henry Huggins are both okay with him. Not to mention his favorite book: the world atlas. He’s so in his own head, he can barely function some days. And he can’t tie his own shoes. But he can explain the most abstract concepts with amazing clarity. My little genious. Current obsessions include Roller Coaster Tycoon and Sim City. Yes, he’s a computer geek, too.

Son #3 – My baby and my oopsie. Nope, he was not intended, but is he fun to have around! He’s still cuddly and sweet, until he turns into a mad dog and has a tantrum. Very bright little boy with 100% on all his spelling tests for the last two quarters at school. Yes, I am beginning to wonder if he was switched at birth with the child of some spelling bee whiz, because he cannot possibly be related to me. He loves the ladies, and they love him. I watched him practically get torn in two last year at a birthday party because two of his little conquests had arrived at the same time. His current obsessions include Mythbusters and begging me to stay up late to watch “just one more show on the Science Channel.”

Yes, I’m raising geeks. Thank God.

So what shall we call them, dear readers? Obi Son Kenobi? Jabba the Kid? Computer Geek Savant? Ladies’ Man? You tell me. I’m sure you’ll come up with something much better than I could.


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