And the Bloodsuckers Strike Again!

Big blood drive on campus here today. I’ve tried to donate a few times and always been rejected because I’m anemic or on the verge. The boss came in today, though, and said, “Hey, let’s go donate!” Well sure! I figured I’d try and then be rejected. But at least I would have tried.

Well, I wasn’t rejected! I actually have the hematocrit to donate, which is a minor miracle. And to top it off, my weight actually worked for me for a change. You see, as a biological mother (i.e., having been pregnant in the past) my blood can contain antibodies that can make others sick, so they would have to throw away my plasma after a whole blood donation. However, they now have this slick new technique that immediately separates the plasma and the red cells so that I could actually donate twice the red cells I would be able to otherwise. Then I get the plasma back with a little saline to make everything kosher. Trick is, you have to be over a certain weight. Ha! Like that’s an issue for me! Hello!

So the boss stops by my little station as they’re setting me up. SHE was rejected – anemic. Well, at least one of us was able to help out. So I sat there for close to an hour getting the draw and then waiting until I was cleared to go. Poor little college girl next to me lost her cookies – literally – after donating. I felt bad for her, but it happens. People get woozy and sick after donating blood. It’s a fact of life. Me? I’m apparently strong as an ox.

But after they cleared me to leave, they gave me this lovely little card that told me I was to drink a lot of fluids today (not a problem), make my next meal a hearty one (again, no problem there), and refrain from exercise for the rest of the day (did I just go to heaven?)

So I’ve been told to sit on my fat butt and eat today. I am soooo donating blood again!



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2 responses to “And the Bloodsuckers Strike Again!

  1. I always get rejected for being anemic too. I’m glad you were able to donate!

  2. I never knew that about the plasma being thrown away. I’ve given blood lots of times. I feel…somewhat nonplussed at the thought that half of what I was generously bleeding out was thrown away.
    Oh well. I haven’t donated for a few years. I suppose I’ve recovered by now.