The Bloodsuckers Bite– an update

In a classic no good deed goes unpunished moment, I have discovered that donating blood is hazardous to your heath. Mental health, that is.

The lovely people who sucked out two units of my red cells tested my cholesterol–free of charge– as a little thank you for donating. Little did I know that this would be the second time that donating blood would make me sick to my stomach.

Cholesterol has never been a big problem for me. My overall level has always been pretty good, and while my good cholesterol (is that LDL or HDL? I can never remember!) could have been higher, I was still in the pink. So yesterday when I logged on, I had no way of knowing the damned number would have been so freaking high!

I do have to add a caviat, though (a.k.a justification): normally when one gets a cholesterol test, they take it from fasting blood. The morning I donated, I had eaten eggs for breakfast. That has to count for at least 50 points, right? So I’m good to go.

Seriously, though,  it is probably slightly higher since I had eaten, but the real deal is I need to get off my fat rear and get it down. My weight, too. And this time I need to be serious. After all, I have three kids! I have a husband who would be lost without me! (Wishful thinking, I know.) But I need to get healthy, so it’s a good thing I actually like chicken breasts and broccoli. I hate exercise, though, so that is going to be a chore.

So who’s gonna join me? Let’s get all sweaty and decide to get healthy for a while before we dive back into thost chips! The kind made with the less-fatty oils, of course.


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