Progress Measured in Inches, Not Feet

Slow going all around for me this week, it seems. Frustrated at work because we have a project that needs completed by the end of the month, yet we need to wait for info from other sources. So we wait. I want to get it done. Now.
Basement is slow going, although this weekend saw the stairwell painted and the bathroom ready for sheet rock. Still have sanding, mudding, taping, painting, floors, yada yada. I want to get it done. Now.

The garden would be okay, if it were not for the puppy being a digger. I planted peas and cucumbers about a week ago. Then Lizzie dug a hole in that bed deep enough to bury her in. And I was sorely tempted. So yesterday I went and covered it up, added more soil and replanted. Then I added garden stakes with jute rope going about 4 feet up. There was no way in or out of that bed.

This morning I went out to find a hole in exactly the same place as it was before. The fence was undisturbed. Apparently my dog can teleport.

Writing is the same. A slog day in and day out right now. Not like I have much time to write, but my head is always buzzing with my characters. If my life had gone according to plan, I would have been attending a conference in Green Bay this past weekend. Instead, I was prying rusty nails out of the studs around the shower in the basement. Writing life is not going well.

As you can tell, I’m a little bummed lately. So much work and I never seem to make any headway. But I have to remind myself – I try, anyway – that I am making progress. Slow, yes, but progress nonetheless. And even the dog will be trained one day. It’s hard to see it now, but I think she’s a better behaved puppy than our dear sweet Lucy. She was 5 before she grew a brain, and was hell on earth to potty train. Lizzie’s just about got it. Not enough to get new carpet yet, but she’s getting there.

Oh, and I want my new carpet now, too.

As Brian May once wrote, I want it all. And I want it now. (Note: If you’re not a Queen fan, Brian May is their lead guitarist. And he has a PhD in astronomy, too. And do sample this song on iTunes. To quote my son, it rocks.)


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