Ah, Powertools!

Notice this has turned from a writing blog into a home improvement project blog? Well, that kinda sorta my life right now, I guess. I think I need to write a book about a woman carpenter. Then I could use all the info I get going to harware stores where guys look at me and say, “You sure you want greenboard? What’s your husband going to do with it?”

Um, he’s gonna carry it into the house so I can cut it to size and put it up. On a wall. Just like guys do. Seriously!

I am so turning into a guy, though. Pretty soon I’m going to be scratching and watching NASCAR with a beer. My big splurge this weekend was a cordless drill kit, complete with bits and a huge selection of various grinding tools. I was in heaven. Then I borrowed a grinder from a freind of ours to take out some old blots that were in the concrete floor in the basement living room. Took me like two seconds to grind down each of those little suckers. I felt like grunting like Tim Allen.

Miraculously, I’ve done all this without breaking a single nail. I’ve jinxed it now, of course, and will sumarily break every single nail on my hands. They tend to be weak and peel off, anyway, so it is somewhat “call the Pope” worthy that I was able to put a clear coat of polish on them tonight and they look very maincured. I’m not naive enough to think that nail color will actually last through putting up drywall, though, and kept the color to the toes.

So in one night I’ve ground down metal spikes and filed my nails. Am I a modern woman or what?

Maybe THIS could get published. Nope. Probably not.


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