39 Pages, Baby! Yeah!

This blog has become less about writing and more about home renovation lately, but this morning I will steer back to my original topic: writing. Because I’m actually doing it again.

This time of year, the old 9-5 (or 8-3 in my case) gets to dragging a little, which leaves me lots of time to do nothing. Nothing, this week, has meant bringing my faithful jump drive to work with me and spending that down time working on MURDER IN F MINOR.

I’d submitted this to NAL on request from the New Jersey writing conference this fall. While it was unfinished, the editor wanted to see what I had. What I had was crap. She recognized that on sight and rejected it, with an invitation to resubmit when it was ready.

She gave me some good suggestions, and I took them to heart. Looking it over again, I was trying to make a romantic comedy a mystery, which wasn’t working too well. I tore it apart (something that just kills me), threw out about half of what I had (The pain! The agony!) and started fresh.  Up to this week, I’d gotten about three chapters in and it was a total slog.

Not sure if it was the uninterrupted time at work (well, uninterrupted by kids, definately interrupted by the few things I still need to do around here this week) or if I finally have come out of my eternal summer slump from two years ago, but over the last two days, I’ve rewritten and added new material to 39 pages. Which is a minor miracle, even by professional writer standards.

My goal next week is to get the first scene onto the website, so be sure to look for it if you’re interested in my torn-apart, still-first-draft-but-getting-more-gelled bits.

So the goal now? Between painting and flooring, etc., this might be a bit ambitious, but I’d like to finish the final draft of this sucker before Sept. 1. We’ll see.


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