The Writing Stalls – Temporarily

Yes, I’d been on a roll writing-wise. Sunday afternoon found me out on my patio listening to the tiny otter water fountain, writing. God, I love wireless Internet and laptop computers. I finished a scene, incorporated some of what I did in the original draft, and have made what was three chapters seven. Because a LOT more is happening. I’d worried I was revealing too much too soon. Solved that problem, didn’t I?

But when the laptop battery died, I stopped working. I had ever intention to pick up where I left off later in the day, but that didn’t happen. Instead, I bummed out. I’d already shirked responsibility in the basement for the day, why not the writing stuff, too?

Monday and Tuesday found me from 8:30 to 3:00 at Cub Scout Day Camp. All I can say is thank God we didn’t go on a camp out. It’s Wednesday morning and I’m ready for the weekend. Needless to say, no writing was accomplished. However, whenever the camp leader would say, “Pick your BB gun up,” I kept twitching because he was splitting an infinitive.

Not that I ever do that. Nope. Never.

Today I’m at work in the morning, but not sure about the afternoon. For that matter, not sure about the rest of the week. I had planned to have it off (the joys of a school-year related job), but now I have a really nasty feeling that I’m going to be writing a grant letter in two days. The deadline is Sunday. We’re screwed.

Correction: I’m screwed. Being the resident writer and all.

A few years ago – I conveniently forgot how many – A friend and I made a promise to one another that in five years, we’d be making our incomes from writing. She made it.  Me? Well, you see, it’s all a technicality, isn’t it? Making my living writing fiction? No, that hasn’t happened. Writing, though? Yeah, that’s what I do. I write psychological reports and make up functional skills assessments and write grant letters. That’s what I do. So technically I’ve kept my promise.

The whole fiction thing? Well, that’s kind of like the joke about the blond who prays to win the lottery but doesn’t  buy a ticket. In order to get an agent, one must query them. My querying has been seriously slack as of late, though one just went out about a week ago. Whoo. I’m on a roll.

So if I don’t write a grant letter this week, I might get a chance to write fiction this week. Actually, perhaps my chances of writing at home are improved if I do write at work, now that I think about it. If I’m not working, then I need to paint. And who wants to yammer on about a dead flautist with Colonial Cream in her hair?


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  1. Yes, summer and wireless go together. I spend my work days writing in the backyard from the first nice day in April or May until late October. Somehow, when working outside, the grant deadlines don’t seem so oppressive.