Just Call Me Roberta Villa

I did not have to write the grant letter.

We decided the deadline was too short and, honestly, the grant we were looking at wasn’t a perfect fit for us. Which means I had the last two days off.

So if I’m on vacation, why am I so darned tired?

Remember that Colonial Cream paint I was talking about? Well, yesterday I scraped, sanded and primed the front of the house. Today the finish coat (the cream) went up and, after that dried, a new mailbox, house numbers and I installed a new light fixture.  We went from crack house chic to actually looking like a real residence. I’m psyched.

The boys have been from you-know-where today, though. The morning started out with two of them fighting over who got to go on the computer first. At 6 AM. The short answer? Neither. They both lost computer for the morning, which then later became all day because they won’t stop fighting. They seem a lot like the puppy: if you exercise them regularly, they behave better. So the husband took them to the park (along with the puppy) this morning.  It worked well for the dog; she’s been out like a light since they came back. The boys, though? Not so much. Still arguing and doing nasty things to one another just to be — well,  nasty. Gotta love having three boys.

Which brings me to why I’m blogging instead of doing anything truly constructive. I’m exhausted and fed up with these kids! Forgive me if this entry seems a little disjointed, but they tend to interrupt me every other sentence. When does school start again?

Better yet, where’s my duct tape? Just kidding.


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