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At last I updated the links over at the right. Of course, the second I do it, somebody shuts down their blog. And it always seems like I miss someone or find something new after I update, so I’ll need to do it again soon.

However, got one of those “blast from the past” emails the other day from a long-time friend who was changing his email addy. And his sig line included this link. I’ ve known Jim for… wow. A long damned time. Won’t get into how long, but I’ll just say the grade I was in only contained one numeral. We used to walk his St. Bernard around the park in Cheyenne what seems like a hundred million years ago. Then there was the day we tried out his new espresso machine and it took 8 cups each to get it just right.


Well, he’s got a book out, so go take a look. Not along the same vein as what I write, but I’ve read his stuff and he’s good. Always has been. Even when we were… well, younger. Enjoy!


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