Ritas and Weddings and Basements, Oh My!

Been a busy bee here at Chez Catie. Firstly, I have to crow for my friend Barb – or, I should say, the award winning Barb Ferrer.  It’s not surprise to anyone that she won a RITA at this year’s RWA National conference.  Well done, Barb! After rooming with RITA winners at least two years in a row, it was definitely her turn.  Congratulations!

Married off the husband’s nephew this last weekend. I can’t believe the kid is 22 already! He was about 8 or 9 when he was the ring bearer at our wedding, and here he was Sunday morning walking around with a wedding ring on his finger, rushing to meet a plane for his honeymoon. Weee-eerd. His wife is a beautiful girl. They were high school sweethearts and we all figured one day he’d marry her. She graduated college in May, but he has a year to go as his degree takes five full years. We thought he’d wait until he was done, but they decided now was the time. They’ll do fine. Just wondering when that first baby is going to come around. Nothing makes you feel old like a wedding, except perhaps becoming a great aunt. Grand aunt? Don’t ask me, I’m just aging.

Basement update for anyone who cares: I am working on flooring starting today! Yes, all the painting is done. My iPod is now beige and green, but I can put away the paint brushes for a bit and start getting down on my hands and knees. If my back lets me, that is. It’s pretty ticked off after hauling out garbage yesterday.

As for writing, that’s kind of on hold again. One day perhaps I’ll be able to write steadily daily. For now – well, I have these kids, you see…


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