Reading Binge, Basement News, and Back to Work UGH!

My summer is almost over. I go back to work next Monday, prepping for the new school year to start. I feel like I’ve not had a summer at all. Where last year we went to the beach and went fishing, this year we’ve taken out flooded garbage and futzed with drywall and painted. Oh, and we’ve had a ton of summer referrals this year, too, which is really unusual. This meant writing three reports and proofing about a half dozen others, when I’m supposed to be sitting on my butt doing nothing. Or fishing or going to the beach.

Somehow, however, I’ve managed to go on a massive reading binge. Since the husband’s surgery three weeks ago, I’ve read four Harry Potters (Chamber of Secrets, Order of the Phoenix, Half Blood Prince, and Deathly Hallows), two Laura Levine books (Shoes to Die For and The PMS Murder), and about half of Janet Evanovich’s 13. My husband is accusing me of speed reading. But I do this. I binge. I can go a month or more without reading a book, and then will absolutely devour everything that comes near me. I do read quickly, which accommodates reading six and a half books in three weeks, along with managing to do the dishes on occasion, but it’s not like I’m getting the Cliff’s Notes versions here. Luckily, it looks like at least two of my boys have inherited my reading craving and ability.

By the way, I’d love to link to the above books, but I’m too tired to do the mousing. You see, I just finished putting in the basement floor. Well, all 516 square feet that incorporates the living room and bedroom, that is. The bathroom remains, of course, and I will tackle that project in a couple of weeks. First I need to go through the boxes of stuff we just tossed in to save from the flood. Some of it will go, but most will actually have to find a home. Sigh. Still, most of the big projects are done, so a miracle has occurred.

So now that the big jobs are done, perhaps I can get to writing again. After I finish 13, that is. One more book I have to finish.


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