And So I Pay For My Sins

The basement is all but done, and I swear I’ll post pictures. But I still have to go through boxes of stuff we just threw together to save from the water back in May. Still, it’s great that the kids can hang out and play PlayStation down there. Saving my sanity! The carpet for the stairs comes next week, so then the basement (except the bathroom, which is another blog altogether) will be officially done! Yay!

But it didn’t come without cost. I’m the primary handyman in our house, which is okay. Saves a lot of arguments, actually, because if something gets screwed up, I only have myself to blame. Can’t rant at the husband. Well, I can, but I shouldn’t. He helped as much as he could, but after he had some minor surgery in early July, he hasn’t been able to lift over 20 pounds. Which means he’s been completely useless to me. I managed to get it done, but had to do all the heavy lifting. Alone. Around kids and cats and a 7-month-old puppy.

Here’s where that cost comes in. I think I might have carpal tunnel trouble. When I came back to work at the end of last week, I noticed that my hand and arm were hurting. The right, of course, since I’m dominant right. Can’t be the other one. Oh no. That would be too damned convenient.

I went the old “ignore it and it will go away” route, but you know how well that worked out. The sucker keeps going numb now at various times during the day. At night, I wake up feeling like I have no hand. The heel of my hand is always either sore or numb, but it goes into my elbow and upper arm, too, so I question whether it’s all in the wrist.

So I finally call to get an appointment with the doctor. She’s out. Of course. I see her Monday and we’ll see what’s what. My sister had surgery on her wrist in the early 80s, and it was horrid for her. However, she had two strikes against her: it was a military hospital and it was two weeks before her wedding. Between the two, she was doomed. I doubt I’ll have to have surgery, I just hope it doesn’t slow me down too much. After all, if I’m finally done with that darned basement, maybe I’ll have time to start writing again.

Somehow, I’m not holding my breath.


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  1. My hubby has carpal tunnel, and the doctors want to do surgery, but it is hard to figure out when we can go as long as three weeks without him working. In the meantime, a cortizone shot has helped relieve the symptoms.