First Day of School! YAY!

Yes! It’s every parent’s dream day – school started this morning. I have a second grader, a fourth grader, and a sixth grader who just started middle school this morning.

Okay. THAT made me feel old.

So I hope life will be calming down to regular schedules and kids away from home for 6 hours a day. Honestly, the two younger ones are about to rip one another apart. They need some time away from one another.

However, it leaves us at the end of summer. Not all summer activities are over for good. The pool stays open for a week or so yet, so we’ll be sure to get there this weekend, I think. The park is still a viable option, and fishing season is so not over, baby. Not that we’ve been much this summer, thanks to the basement renovation, but we’re definitely going again before the snow flies.

One of our best outings this summer was to the local theme park. Not a theme park as in Six Flags or anything. Just a small one with a merry-go-round, a balloon ride, and a train. They have ducks, geese and chickens that roam freely that the kids can feed. It was a sunny Saturday when we did just that, especially concentrating on a little baby duck who had obviously been separated from his mother. We weren’t too concerned that he’d starve, as the park staff do well with feeding the ducks. Still, he was a sad little creature. Whenever we’d come within ten feet of him, he’d skitter away in fear. We’d toss him some corn, then back off and he’d go for it.

When we ran out of corn, we waved goodbye to the ducks and geese and started heading back toward the playground. The little duck started running after us. For a moment, I thought he was running us off. Then I thought he was aiming at Son #2’s feet to peck him. No pecking came about, though. Instead, the little duck caught up with us and matched our pace. He was walking right beside us having a nice little stroll. When we stopped, he stopped. When we started walking again, he kept pace. He looked so proud to have new friends, even if those friends had a black lab at home who would have thought nothing of making this little duck her lunch. This little duckling went on like this for about ten minutes, and we were concerned he might actually try to hop in the car with us. Luckily, another family came along and saw our new friend. They started feeding him popcorn, so they became much more interesting to him. Thank God!

Before summer is truly out, though, we need to go back to Storybook Land to check on our little friend. If he’s still there. Some of our fine feathered friends are already flying south!

Wow. Homework and migrating ducks. Summer really is over, isn’t it?

Ain’t it great?


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