You’ve Gotta See This!

I don’t think it’s a secret the fact that I’m a big-time Anglophile. I mean, come on. My favorite band is a toss-up between Queen and the Beatles, most of my favorite actors are English, and it was the first accent I attempted when doing community theater a hundred years ago. (Don’t ask me to do a Bronx accent, though. I suck! though we’ll let the English decide the quality of my English accent.)

So when our cable company picked up BBC America, I was over the moon. British humor is fabulous in my opinion, and I found a show on right when I’m cooking dinner every night that has me just rolling. Seriously. Normally sit-coms can make me chuckle, but My Family makes me tear up laughing on a regular basis. They also have these little asides before most shows, warning you that the show contains British accents and close captioning may be necessary. Oh, man, hilarious!

But the comedies aren’t the only thing going for me on this channel. As usual, I was late getting on the Jekyll boat, but the season finale last night still has me floored.  I’d seen James Nesbitt in Murphy’s Law and didn’t even realize it was the same actor because the characters were so different. This guy didn’t even want to be an actor before he stumbled into the profession, but he can pull off both Tom Jackman and Hyde with such convincing differences that you wonder for a while if it’s even the same actor playing the two.  Gina Bellman is also brilliant as his wife, Claire. She’s nothing like her Coupling character Jane, who’s manic and quirky enough to really make you wonder about the actress. But Claire is strong and brilliant as a partner and foil for Tom/Hyde. Wonderful actress. (By the way, I’d also recommend Coupling. Hilarious.)

The writing on these shows is fantastic, as well. Maybe I can learn something from them.


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