Club 32 Turns 36

A few years ago – four, apparently – a few of us who knew one another through a writing group all started blogging and formed what we called the Luv Thang, since we all linked to one another. The vast majority of us were young moms and just happened to be about the same age. The Luv Thang then became known as Club 32. 32 was a big year for a lot of us, as some of us got published for the first time, some of us ended up published in Reader’s Digest, and some of us just made great efforts to plug along.

I think I’m the last one of Club 32 to fall into Club 36, as my birthday is tomorrow. I’m not too far behind Lidna Surewould, though.  I think by a couple weeks. We’ve all progressed in our careers, though I’d admit my writing took a little different turn. I expected to be writing novels for a living at this point, and while some of the psych reports I write are as long as novels and are strange as fiction, they are not exactly a decent beach read. The good news is we’re all still around, blogging, writing and still plugging. And yes, even at 36, we’re still in the Luv Thang.



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2 responses to “Club 32 Turns 36

  1. Happy Birthday, Cate!

    Club 32 is one of my favorite clubs. 🙂


  2. I’m not 36 until Sept 12, so I guess I’m the baby of the group!