One Year Ago

A year ago today, I was in Newark, NJ. From the plane, I’d seen Manhattan and the Brooklyn Bridge. For a girl who doesn’t travel much, just the part of that sentence reading “from the plane” is a huge departure, let alone the Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridge bit. Yeah, that was cool, but that wasn’t the coolest part of the trip. Nope. That was meeting all the ultra-cool ladies I’d known online for a million and ten years, not to mention getting a double request from a book editor at NAL.

That little trip to Newark was planned to meet those friends, but also to jolt me out of the rut I’d been in with my writing. Hanging out with other writers, I figured, would get me in a writing mood. It did, for a time, but then I got all excited about my mystery and then pipes of my creative brain got clogged with plot twists and the whole thing ended up in the bottom of a very sloppy mental bucket.

I personally blame the smog.

So this weekend there is another conference in Jersey, but I’m not there. A fact much bemoaned by my friend Rebecca (who I’d link to if she ever got a website or a blog), and to be honest, I kinda sorta wish I were there, too. This year, though, it would just be a waste of money. This year, the motivation is going to come before the conference.

I’m going to National Convention in San Francisco in July. That’s the plan, anyway, money permitting and depending on what my buddies can do. No, I’m not going if they aren’t, so there! So I need to make sure my buddies can go. Well, one of them, anyway. For the other – well, I can’t control publishers. If I could, I wouldn’t still be pursuing that first contract. The other, though, I can help. She won’t go unless she has a book written and polished and ready to sell. So that’ my goal, too.

In a fit of unbridled stupidity, a bunch of us who have half-assed NaNoWriMo for a few years are going in full force this year. That’s right – I signed up yesterday and updated my profile. GUYS AND DOGS will be written in November, though maybe not completed in November. Face it, 50K does not a novel make. But I will keep going until I can type “The End” and hopefully drag my buddies along kicking and screaming.

I really really really want to go to San Francisco. Maybe by the time I leave, I won’t have to think about how to spell it! So here we go – less than a month before I start my writing sprint. I have some basic plotting done, know most of my characters and have placeholders for them, and will work out the rest as I teeter down the rickety bridge that is my imagination.

Who’s with me?


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