Life Goes On – Even if I Catch Crap About the Rockies

I was at the dog park last night and a guy threw a ball for his dog. He threw it so hard it nearly went out of the park. I told him he should be pitching for the Rockies. Another guy there chuckled and said, “Somebody should.”

At work this morning, the janitor came up to me and said, “Hey, what happened to your ball team?” They sucked. That’s what happened.

Yep. And now it’s over. The Sox swept ’em. But hey, they still made the series! And Denver (and Colorado) will always love the Rockies, winning or not. And I guess I will, too. Heck, I still even claim the Broncos even though we’ve been telling people for years that they are professionals at grasping defeat out of the jaws of victory. But there are some loyalties, sports fan or not, that transcend winning and losing.

But now life continues. Over the weekend we had our neighbor’s son re-shingle the garage and rebuild the soffit and fascia. Now I need to prime the bare wood before winter sets in – in five minutes or so. But I also need to paint the living room and hallway this weekend so it can have a week to “cure” before they put the carpet in. I know, what problems to have! All the work I’ve wanted done on my house is finally coming together! And now the shower in the basement is even done (so I can turn to the other side of the room and put in a new sink).  Then, after caulking the upstairs tub, I am taking a break from home improvements for a while. I’m exhausted.

In case I get bored, the calendar is also throwing me a massive curve ball in two days. Halloween is looming, which means Thursday is November. NaNo. Oh my God, here we go. In fact, it’s not 50K I’m going for, but a finished first draft by mid-December. I want to be editing this sucker the first of the year. The ultimate goal, of course, is to have a finished, polished draft by July so I can pitch in San Francisco. That is if I get to go. The husband might have to have surgery on his other ear this summer, which would cook the whole trip. Still, I want this sucker sellable by summer, whether I go anywhere or not.

So Wednesday we Trick or Treat, and Thursday I try to pull off the big trick. Let’s hope I have more luck than the Rockies.


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