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Holy Crap

And when I say crap, I mean crap. But I won, even though the book is pretty much unsalvageable.



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So Close

I normally finish up NaNo way sooner than this, but considering computer problems, redecorating my house, and having three kids, I think it may be amazing that I write anything. Almost there. Just about 3,000 more crappy words to go.

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NaNo and a Reccommendation

Well, tomorrow is Thanksgiving, and this afternoon we’ll be taking off south to see the Mother-in-Law. We’ve decided to take her to dinner tonight and leave her in her nice comfortable room at the nursing home for the actual holiday. She’s unfortunately gotten to a point where I cannot rely on her to remember us long enough for an hour-and-a-half drive north, let alone through dinner.

At any rate, I will have 3 hours is a car tonight (thankfully not all in one shot) to write while the husband drives. I did a sprint the other night and wrote somewhere around 5,700 words, which caught me up. Problem is I want to be ahead. Yes, I’m greedy that way.

Also, another problem is my story went in a direction I didn’t anticipate. Something happened way sooner than I thought and, to be honest, a character got violent. I claim no responsibility for this because I was on autopilot. I’d been up all night the night before with a sick kiddo (why do they always puke at 3 AM?) and my fingers were taking cues from my subconscious because my active thought processes were taking a snooze.

Thing is, it’s NaNo and there’s no going back now. So I’m kinda sorta out of plot, though since the story took a new direction, I could make some stuff up. But where does my story end now? I had a nice little resolution set up, and that’s out the window. Very frustrating.

I know. Shut up and write, Cate.

Also, a site recommendation. I found this on Snopes the other day, so I know it’s legitimate. Play a vocabulary game at and the sponsoring companies and organizations will donate rice to hungry people all over the world. A pain-free way to help make a difference. Please go there, and you may even expand your vocabulary to boot!

In the meantime, the current word count:

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NaNo Update.

I’m officially behind, but getting kinda sorta caught up. Hoping for a miracle this weekend.

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The Beeb Goes to the Boonies

Have I mentioned my unnatural affinity for the BBC? Of course I have.  I adore the Beeb. I watch news on the Beeb, for Pete’s sake, which is just sad when people from another country can cover the news here much better than the locals. But when networks start putting their anchor women in bikinis, you know we’re in trouble. Yes, that has actually happened. Multiple times, probably. Anyway…

So my new addiction is Top Gear. In this show, three motor-head Englishmen talk about cars and do ridiculous things like make space shuttles out of sub-compacts. No, I’m not joking. The stunt that really cracked me up, though, was when they came to America.

Do you think they went to LA or New York? Why would they? Overdone! Of even somewhere quiet in the Midwest, like the Twin Cities? Heck no. They went to gator eating, crawdad fishing, hot and humid hicksville south. They started in Florida, where they bought the cheapest most awful cars they could find. Then they drove them through Alabama where – get this – in an effort to kill themselves, they spray painted slogans like “NASCAR Sucks” and “Manlove Rules” on this sides of these old beaters. I was tearing up with laughter! Especially when one painted “Vote for Hilary” on his car. They were really tempting fate.

Well, they got what they asked for. They pulled in for gas at this tiny, stereotypical  southern gas station where Bubba and the boys came out to kick their butts. Thank God those beater cars could move fast. Oh, except the one they had to jump start first.

Now of course most of that was staged. But the folks in the UK won’t think it is. Heck, for all I know, it may have been real. My father is from the south, and trust me, there is a reason for some of those stereotypes. My uncle lives in Alabama, in fact, and  – well, we won’t go there.

At any rate, if you can get past the fact that the show was totally slamming Americans as being ignorant hicks (which was played with such camp, how can you not get over it?) it was the funniest thing I’ve seen on TV in years.

Seriously. Watch the BBC, if you can get it. Then you can come back to this blog and comment, saying, “Thank you, thank you Cate for enlightening me!” Or, more likely, “Cate, have you considered medication for that?” Whichever!

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NaNo? What NaNo?

Life is getting in the way of NaNoing this week. Hanging in steadily at just over 16,200 words, which means I am officially behind, folks. But I knew that would happen.

Under the good news file, though, Son #1 is a triple gold medalist at this weekend’s Special Olympics event, winning all three divisions he was in. Pictures to come, I promise!

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Wow, you guys are great with the encouragement! I really do appreciate it, too! I’ve been trying to thank all of you individually, but some email addresses are bouncing (that would be you, Shelley), but know that I really do appreciate the cheering section.

Nothing was accomplished yesterday thanks to nasty-busy schedule, and the rest of the week and weekend aren’t looking any better. However, I’m going to try to get in there and stay ahead as much as I can!  I’ll keep you updated!

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