NaNo and a Reccommendation

Well, tomorrow is Thanksgiving, and this afternoon we’ll be taking off south to see the Mother-in-Law. We’ve decided to take her to dinner tonight and leave her in her nice comfortable room at the nursing home for the actual holiday. She’s unfortunately gotten to a point where I cannot rely on her to remember us long enough for an hour-and-a-half drive north, let alone through dinner.

At any rate, I will have 3 hours is a car tonight (thankfully not all in one shot) to write while the husband drives. I did a sprint the other night and wrote somewhere around 5,700 words, which caught me up. Problem is I want to be ahead. Yes, I’m greedy that way.

Also, another problem is my story went in a direction I didn’t anticipate. Something happened way sooner than I thought and, to be honest, a character got violent. I claim no responsibility for this because I was on autopilot. I’d been up all night the night before with a sick kiddo (why do they always puke at 3 AM?) and my fingers were taking cues from my subconscious because my active thought processes were taking a snooze.

Thing is, it’s NaNo and there’s no going back now. So I’m kinda sorta out of plot, though since the story took a new direction, I could make some stuff up. But where does my story end now? I had a nice little resolution set up, and that’s out the window. Very frustrating.

I know. Shut up and write, Cate.

Also, a site recommendation. I found this on Snopes the other day, so I know it’s legitimate. Play a vocabulary game at and the sponsoring companies and organizations will donate rice to hungry people all over the world. A pain-free way to help make a difference. Please go there, and you may even expand your vocabulary to boot!

In the meantime, the current word count:


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