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Merry Christmas? Just not to you.

Oh, the embarrassment. I am the worst parent EVER.

Of course, I know this is not true, but the stunt I pulled this year on son #1’s teachers was not good, and just proves how much my brain has turned to Swiss cheese.

When sending gifts, I forgot a teacher.

Son #1 is in a Life Skills classroom with one teacher and, I thought, one aide, whom he talks about all the time. I sent two gifts. Then I get a note this morning that there are TWO aides.

Can the earth swallow me whole now? How terrible for her! To be forgotten! Or not even known about! That’s something you can’t take back, either. I am going to forever be known as the woman who forgot Mrs. G. I’ve been blushing all morning and just want to hide under a rock.

This time of year, especially, I want to let everyone know how I appreciate what they do, even if just in little ways. This is a big oopsie for me, especially since I know how hard the teachers and aides work for my kids. I’ve been a teacher, and I know it’s a thankless job. So to omit her is just awful!

Now some of you are thinking why didn’t the boy just tell me he had another teacher. Well, he’s getting more talkative, but his main difficulty is still communication. I guess when he went to give out the gifts this morning in class, he said, “What about Mrs. G?” Would have been nice if he’d have been able to do that before he left the house. But instead, I get to feel like the floor of a taxi cab.

What a loser I am, huh?


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I Normally Don’t Talk Politics, But…

Does it scare anyone else that this guy has gotten to be number 2 in the Republican primary polls? Yikes! Our number one choice screwed around on his wife and his kids are hardly speaking to him. Talk about being candidateless. None of the dems thrill me, either. In fact, most of them on both sides kinda scare the hell out of me.

The most accurate way to describe the upcoming election? Totally screwed in ’08.

Just my two cents.

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