How Long has it Been?

January has been crazy – thank God it’s almost over. Lots of work at work, lots of kid stuff going on, and then I manged to throw my neck out of whack and woke up Friday morning feeling like I’d been shot in the head I had such a bad migraine.

However, a couple good things did happen this month. Son #3 won the Rocket Derby at Cub Scouts, which was a very exciting end to a long day for me (since I was having to organize he heats, sign in the cars, etc, I was there two hours before the kids were).  He was thrilled, and big brother, whose car really didn’t go anywhere, was only semi-disappointed. Of course, he’s discovered the joys of having friends over, so we’ve been entertaining every weekend for the last three weeks. I think Mom needs a break next weekend.

We’ve been having an awful cold snap here, dipping down to -26 degrees the other morning. That’s not windchill, by the way. We’re getting a couple days’ reprieve, then  it looks like we’re back at it. Brrr. The good news about the bad weather is it gives me motivation to stay inside and work on GUYS AND DOGS. I’ve re-written and added to chapters 1-5, and hope to get the rest done by March 1. Why, you ask? Because I got an even better idea.

I was in the shower one morning – my muse’s favorite place to pop up – and was struggling to get the water temp just right. “Why can’t I get a happy medium?” I thought, and it struck me. An entire plot outline just popped into my head. And what’s better is the tension and conflict are built in! Amazing. So come March 1, a few friends and I are going to do a NaNo-like sprint and write new (or existing) books. So I have to have GUYS AND DOGS pretty well finnished by then, so I can write HAPPY MEDIUM without having it hanging over my head. If I can pull this off, this would mean I’ve written two books in one year, whereas the last book (which I abandoned in the middle) took me two years to write. I like the reversal of the numbers better.

And propelling me further into a productive February is that Dr. Who and Torchwood are back. Yes, still addicted to BBC America. But hey, David Tennant and John Barrowman just might find their way into a book soon. Talk about inspiration!


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