Is This Month Over Yet?

I don’t believe in curses. Well, okay, there’s the birthday curse, and Valentines Day has never been all that good for me, but now that one seems to be spreading to all of February.

To be honest, I think I cursed myself. The words, “My kids have been really healthy this year,” passed through my lips last Thursday. That’s the night Son #3 came home with a fever. By the next morning, it was 103 degrees and I just knew he had the flu. Not only did he end up having influenza, he had both strains – A and B. Doc said it was the first case she’d ever seen.

We’re all on Taimflu, which is working miracles, by the way. Still, I have it, and Son #2 came down with it yesterday. All in all, though, I have to say it’s not bad. I’ve had colds worse than this. That Taiflu is keeping the husband and Son #1 from getting it so dar, and my case is really mild. Son #3 is feeling fine, and Son #2 is just running a low temp. We’ve got it made in the shade, right? Ummm… no. Because whether we’re on Tamiflu or not, I have to keep them home for a certain period of time. Which means Son #3 (also known around here as the instigator) can’t go to school again until tomorrow. He’s been fever-free for two days now, but stuck at home. Bored.  Son #2 can’t go back until he’s broken his temp for 24 hours, so that means he has to be home tomorrow, at least. How much work am I missing?

It also means time doing stuff like writing is shot to heck. Either I’m shuttling around peanut butter toast and Gatorade, or I’m wiped out from shuttling peanut butter toast and Gatorade.  That seems to be my biggest symptom of the flu so far – tired as heck. Of course, that could be the guilt of missing work Monday and Tuesday, then taking off Friday for Son #1’s basketball tournament. Assuming he’s healthy enough.

So I’m on a crunch. The plan was to finish Guys and Dogs before March 1, at which time a few of us have decided to do a NaNo-like sprint to write our next books. But, as you may already have figured out, I have a massive guilt complex, and if G&D isn’t done, it’s going to nag at me all March.

Gee, do you think I could whine any more? No? Then you don’t know me very well.

Off to call the school! They will be so thrilled.


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