Guys and Dogs – Progress Report

Well, I just finished the first edit on what I had written in November on GUYS AND DOGS. The last few chapters were pretty fun to read, considering they were riddled with gems such as this:

“Well you said if I have friends over near dinnertime I should ask them to stay. Aren’t you going to ask him if he wants to stay?”

It was a bad idea. She was trying to get rid of Travis. No, not get rid of him really. Because then my plot would be done and Anna would be this old spinster chick. That would be bad. And Lani would shoot be because she likes Travis and wants Bill dead. And if I weren’t desperate for words and if these kids would just shut up and let me concentrate…

Sorry – where was I?

Yeah. That was a fun read. Unfortunately, all my extraneous comments had to go. I added a few new scenes, as well, which has made my length close to the 300 pages I normally shoot for. It also made me relax about certain plot points happening in the right place in the book. The last few chapters I have still stink on ice, but that’s why God invented the edit.

So now I get to finish it. Which means I need to take a few beats and make sure I know what I want to happen next. After it’s done, I plan to let it sit for a month or so, do another edit, and then the fun part comes: writing the synopsis and query letter to send out and submit. That’s more fun than a tax audit. NOT!

But after a slump of a few years, I’m just thrilled to be back to writing. Hey, maybe I’ll even post a chapter on the website. Who knows? I’m feeling a little crazy!


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