Harem on Wheels

My youngest is eight years old. Eight. How the heck did that happen? (Note: Come back to this in June when I’m having a crisis over the oldest turning 13.)

So Son #3’s birthday was actually last week, but the party was postponed due to Influenza A and B rearing their ugly heads at our house. But today was the party at the local roller rink. He’d invited five of his best friends. Now being a boy, you’d think the names listed here would be Trevor and Nate or something like that. Oh no. Not my boy. Instead, he invited Anna, Jessica, Cassandra, Haylee and Emily. That’s right. All girls. He’s always had more girl friends than boys since kindergarten. I always say it’s because he’s surrounded by testosterone at home. Honestly, though, I think he’s either a serious lady’s man or will be starring in a production of La Cage aux Folles coming soon to a theater near you.  Whichever.

But today he was leaning toward lady’s man – or ladies plural. The girls would flank him, all holding hands as they skated around the rink. They competed for his attention, only one striking out on her own to actually do something other than fawn over my kid. The husband and I just watched in amazement. The child, for his part, just soaked it up. He spent equal time with each of his ladies, making sure everyone had their fair share. He was like a little maharaja with his harem.

Now I’m maybe making this sound worse than it was. For the most part, he treated each of his guests with courtesy and was very polite. Maybe that’s why he has eight-year-old girls swarming him, since he’s not the rough and tumble type. Apparently this same group plays together at recess at school. One mom said my son was just like one of the girls, but there’s an obvious difference in how they treat him as opposed to how they treat eachother. Not sure he understands that yet. Girls mature so much faster than boys and at eight they are definitely starting to think of the opposite sex differently. My son, though, not yet. I hope. But man, am I scared.

Check back with me in five years. The guest list will doubltess change, but I wonder if the gener ratio will remain. Only by then, he’ll have figured it out.


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