Guys and Dogs – Stall Warning

I think some time ago I confessed that a few friends and I were going to do a NaNo sprint in March. It’s March now, right? And no, I’m not sprinting. In fact, this blog is the closest thing to writing I’ve done all week.

The good news about this is that none of my friends are sprinting right now, either. Fininshing up projects and other whatnot has put off our sprint until April, for which I’m grateful since March is getting very busy very quickly with the kids. And I still have to finish G&D.

I managed to do a once-over on what I wrote during November NaNo, but face it – it’s like putting spackle over hurricane damage. It’s too little and too cheap when you really need to tear down the drywall and start over. (Why are my analogies all about home improvement now?) But I digress – as usual. The problem is the book still needs an ending. I know where I want to go, I just can’t seem to get there. My hero needs more scenes, and he’s not talking to me. The turkey’s been like that since the start. The antagonist yapped at me on and on, proud of what a slime-o he was. But the hero? He’s this modest, quiet guy. Which is wonderful for my heroine, but not so good for me. Right now he seems really weak, and he needs a lot of work. So the trick is to get the sucker done by April so I can write my new book.

So, in the interest of inspiring myself (and perhaps someone else out there), my placeholder for Travis:


There. Maybe now he’ll talk to me!


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